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Warehouse Storage Space – How Much Do You Need?

Warehouse storage space: how much space you will need to occupy is one of the main considerations when approaching storage facilities to support your storage and distribution requirements. While the storage company is likely to support you in this, it helps to have a rough idea before you go ahead.

When considering the warehouse storage, you will first need to consider what it is you are storing and how it will be packed. Will you be storing individual boxes or cartons, or will your goods arrive on pallets, and be stored as they are? You need to consider how many pallets you will need to have space for, how high they can be safely stacked and the size of the pallets in question. While a standard pallet is 48” by 40”, not all pallets conform to these measurements. When identifying the warehouse storage solutions that best benefits you, it is important to know the maximum number of pallets or cartons you will need space for, as well as having an idea how often you will need to utilise that amount of space. However, space requirement is not just about numbers. You also need to consider the type of goods that are going to be stored. Do any of the good require specialist storage? Will any of your pallets contain goods that cannot be stacked? These are questions that the facility will need answers to before space can be provided and an agreement reached.

At Depot Dash Ltd, we provide complete flexibility in warehouse storage space. We can cater for long-term, short-term and seasonal storage needs. We also recognise that your space and storage requirements can change over time, sometimes with little warning. To see what we can offer you in this respect, visit http://depotdash.com/. Then, to discuss your needs in detail, call the team on 0333 332 7058.