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Warehouse Storage Management – Indicators Of Good Management

Warehouse storage management is vital if the storage and distribution centre is to work effectively. Effective management isn’t always obvious, unless you know what to look for. Here are some indicators that the storage unit and its teams of personnel are being well managed.

On visiting your potential warehouse storage and distribution partner, one of the first indicators that it is being well managed is that everyone is gainfully employed and knows what their role within the centre entails. Well managed staff know their roles and responsibilities and are willing and able to ask questions when unsure. As part of this, the workload of each member of staff should seem well planned. Of course, there will be differences in the amount that each person needs to do at any one time, but no-one should look under extreme pressure and coping alone, or look bored while others are running around. The same principle applies to resources. In a well-managed warehouse, everyone should have access to the resources they need, and these should be well kept and in reasonable supply. Warehouse storage solutions that are well managed will also utilise space effectively, and safely. Areas will be clean and tidy, goods will be stored carefully and will be properly labelled. If orders are not easy to find, or are spread across different areas of the warehouse for no specific reason, then this is a sign of poor management of people, space and resources. A further indicator of good management is that full attention is paid to health and safety.

Our commitment to our clients is only possible through our commitment to effective warehouse storage management. At Depot Dash Ltd, this commitment is clear to see in every aspect of our warehouse and distribution departments. To see this for yourself, visit http://depotdash.com/ today.