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Warehouse Distribution Management Systems – What’s The Best Approach?

Warehouse distribution management systems allow the company storing and distributing your goods to know exactly where they are located, where they need to go and when delivery needs to happen. These systems are generally either manual or computerised. If you need warehousing services for your inventory, which system is most likely to support your needs?

Manual warehouse management systems rely on paper-based records to check in goods; record locations; and, if this is one of the logistics services being used, monitor when and to where they will be distributed. The main problem with paper warehousing records is that they take time to find and access; they also require storage space. This slows down the process of recording, checking and finding goods in storage. Additionally, unless copies of the paper records are made, these warehouse storage records can only be in one place at a time. This makes connected logistics working very difficult. The alternative to keeping manual records is to use a computerised system. This allows for records to be available to all warehouse and distribution employees at all times. It also means that less time is needed to find and access the appropriate storage records. However, it is important that if warehousing and distribution systems are digital, a suitable level of digital security is in place. Similarly, computerised records should be regularly backed up to minimise the risk that such records can be lost. If you are considering using a warehouse distribution centre for your commercial needs, then one that uses computerised solutions with appropriate risk assessment and security measures should be high on your list.

At Depot Dash Ltd, we have an excellent computerised warehouse management system that allows us to know exactly where your goods are stored, as well as when they need to leave our facility and where they need to be sent. Warehouse distribution management security is a high priority for us. Find us at http://depotdash.com/ or call 0333 332 7058 to learn more.