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Warehouse Distribution Services – Questions You Need To Ask

Warehouse distribution services allow businesses of all sizes to store and move goods without the additional overheads of running a fleet of vehicles and employing drivers and warehouse staff. However, failing to ask the right questions when looking for such a service could cost you more in the long run.

If you are looking for warehousing and distribution services to support your commercial enterprise, then chances are you have already checked out some basic details on the companies you are considering. As well as knowing where they are based, and the areas they serve, you need to consider whether they can store your specific type of goods. There is little point engaging a company that specialise in cold storage if you have electrical goods to store and distribute. You also need to ask about the size of the storage facility and whether they have bulk stock storage areas, or can handle containers, if this is appropriate to your needs. As well as asking about the type of storage facility they have, you should ask how the facility is monitored and managed. Does the logistics company use a computerised warehouse management system? How do they handle inventory management? Another important element when it comes to warehouse storage is security. How do they ensure the safety of your goods while in storage? Are they insured against theft and damage, and to what level? What steps do they take to ensure that their staff are vetted before joining the company? Your goods are central to your business, and you need a storage and distribution company that understands this, and treats your goods accordingly.

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