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Warehouse Distribution Center – What Can You Expect To Find?

Warehouse distribution center: each one you visit will differ slightly from another in terms of the services that are offered and the layout of the centre. However, there are some key elements that you need to look for when deciding whether a warehouse and distribution centre is right for your business’ needs.

A warehousing and distribution centre should have a dedicated goods-in area. If the warehouse deals with containers, then specialised equipment for dealing with such loads should be present. Other elements that may be required in a goods-in area include pallet wrapping, forklift drivers and administration staff. Goods-in areas are often split into two sections: one that deals with bulk goods, and the other with break-bulk or lower capacity orders. These are often kept separate as the staff skills and equipment needed for each are different. A discrete department for dealing with export may also be present within the centre. Here, items and goods that are being distributed internationally are stored, using pallet sizes that conform to the shipping methods that will be used. As well as these different areas of warehouse storage and arrival, there will be dedicated office areas for different staff departments. This can include administration, quality assurance, transportation and warehouse operatives. Each department will have its own responsibilities, but should have clear lines of communication between them to ensure the smooth transition of goods. These and other elements of the centre should be clear to see, and this is one of the main reasons why visiting potential sites before signing up to any service is a must.

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