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Storage And Warehousing Services – Why Integrated Fulfilment Services Are Essential

Storage and warehousing services do not stop at providing storage prior to items being distributed to your sellers. They can also be used to ship items directly to your customers. Find out the benefits of integrating your fulfilment services with the other services provided by your logistics company.

Fulfilling individual buyers’ orders can be time-consuming, and space-consuming too. If you keep this element of your business in-house, you need to invest in warehouse space, time, staffing and delivery options, such as couriers. All this costs money, as well as time and effort. One solution is to hire a third party to provide a fulfilment service for you. They are then responsible for storing the goods, providing the pickers and transporting the goods safely to the buyer. If the goods leave you in good condition, and the right buyer information is provided to the third-party logistics company, then you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. If you also require warehouse storage solutions for goods that are distributed to sellers, then it can be tempting to hire two separate logistics companies. This approach keeps the two elements of your business separate; and in principle may sound as if it is easier and more cost effective than any other solution. However, this is not necessarily the case. By taking this approach, you are paying two third party sets of warehouse storage fees. Why not streamline your approach and find a company that can provide both services? Then you will be reducing your overheads considerably.

You can streamline your fulfilment service requirements by using the storage and warehousing services available at Depot Dash Ltd. We can meet all your distribution and order fulfilment needs, as well as providing safe and secure storage at our Manchester based storage unit. You can learn more about our full range of services at http://depotdash.com/.