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National Warehouse Distribution – More Than A Storage Solution

National warehouse distribution centres are more than just storage facilities. While at a glance both may look the same, and both offer storage solutions to fit your needs, it is the value-added services of distribution centres that distinguishes between them. Read on to find out more about these services.

Warehousing and distribution centres do of course collect, store and deliver goods for their clients. However, in addition to this basic level of service, a well-managed and properly organised distribution centre will also provide services such as cross-docking, order-fulfilment, packaging and labelling. These services are offered as part of your order cycle, which they complete on your behalf. Depending on your business and your needs, this may include order preparation, shipping, receiving and transportation of goods, returned goods processing and measuring performance. To achieve this at the high standards necessary, the warehouse storage facility and its distribution service must be customer focused. Retaining and attracting new clients is essential for any business, and this can only be achieved when the client or prospective client can be confident in the level of service that is provided. This is, in part, dependent on a strong focus on technology. In a storage warehouse, there is little movement between goods coming in and goods leaving. Tracking these involve knowing where the goods are and the single location to which they are being transported. In a distribution centre, while the goods may arrive in bulk, they may leave as part of smaller orders dispatched to multiple addresses nationwide. Without effective technology in place, there is a higher risk of goods being lost in transit, and therefore a potential loss of client confidence.

At Depot Dash Ltd, we take our relationships with our clients very seriously. All our services are tailored to meet your needs and the latest technology is in place to monitor, manage and track every aspect of our national warehouse distribution centre. Visit http://depotdash.com/ to see how we can support your business.