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Contract Warehousing – What Are Your Responsibilities?

Contract warehousing provides a time- and cost-effective way for businesses to store and distribute goods, both nationally and internationally. However, the client business does have several responsibilities when it comes to ensuring the smooth running of their operation and agreement with the warehouse operator.

Some of your responsibilities as a client looking for warehouse storage are obvious, and apply to most areas of your business. You are, of course, responsible for ensuring you pay your storage fees, and any other related fees on time. Not doing so is likely to lose you your storage space within the facility and damage your reputation. You are also responsible for reading your contract with the third-party provider and ensuring that you understand all the terms of business. When using warehouse storage solutions, there are other responsibilities that may not be so obvious, though. These are as simple as ensuring that you label your goods correctly, respond to communications in a timely way, and making the facilities manager aware of any changes to shipping, deliveries or stock. Failures here will make the jobs of the personnel at the storage facility more difficult, and if mistakes are not rectified quickly, will again affect your reputation with your buyers or sellers. One of the most important responsibilities you have however, is in relation to safety. You must ensure that pallets are packed safely, and that if anything in your goods is in any way volatile, the correct people are informed before the goods leave you.

At Depot Dash Ltd, we take safety very seriously, and encourage clear communication at every stage of the contract warehousing process. We welcome questions, and will always endeavour to find appropriate answers to your queries. Find your perfect storage solution today by contacting our team at info@depotdash.com, or visiting our website for answers at http://depotdash.com/.