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Contract Warehouse – Understanding Warehouse Types

Contract warehouse storage differs from other types of storage solutions. It is important to recognise these differences, particularly if you are a commercial enterprise looking for suitable storage and associated logistic support. Read on to learn more about the differences and why you should consider a warehouse on a contract basis.

There are, at least in general terms, two types of warehouses that are owned and operated by a third party: these are public and contract warehouses. Public warehouses tend to operate on a month-by-month storage basis for set amounts of stored goods. There are rarely, if ever, additional services available in these types of storage facilities, and therefore they are of limited use to businesses. Contract warehouses encompass a much wider variety of services and types of warehouse storage solutions. They tend to work with businesses looking for longer term solutions, in terms of years, rather than months. However, within this there is flexibility in terms of the space and amount that is stored and how this changes over time. Contract warehouse storage appeals more to businesses that may need to move goods in and out frequently, or require additional support services such as distribution. Other services that may be offered in this type of warehouse include pickers for fulfilment requirements, inventory management, container handling and box wrapping. They may also provide specialised or segregated storage areas to suit different business storage needs. They will be able to deal with a much wider range of goods and provide more comprehensive solutions than a public warehouse.

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